Fair tale of a red juicy apple

License professional editorial or commercial photography

Philadelphia, PA USAAugust 31, 2012; Photography is my livelihood – I breathe, dream and live this – sometimes though – but many times rewarding life because I choose to. I have bills to pay, equipment to invest in and mouth to feed. I run a photography business and I love it!

So, lets say you were hungry and you took a big bite out of that juicy apple. It was delicious! But someone spotted you and tells you that you have to buy it now. You put it back instead. This is wrong, right? Not only it is common courtesy, there is a law in place. Compensate for taking someones property. Of course this applies to (republished) photography as well. Copyright protects the creator of the image. If you want to use a photo you need to have permission. Ask the owner what compensation he wants for that. If you both agree then you can use that amazing image to show to your audience.

But sometimes there is no price tag on the image and no-one of the sales department seems to be around. Do you peek around to see if someone’s watching like the greedy aforementioned apple lover? Well, this is the internet and there are great free tools.  It is very easy to find out who created the image and therefore who deserves to be compensated.

Free tools like Google’s Image Search (Chrome add on) or TinEye make it very easy to track the origin of an image. A quick drag-and-drop process will only take you a second or two to find the website of the owner. Check if the owner offers licensing options via his site. Many times you can get a Getty license via the photographer’s Flickr page as well. If not, send an email asking what the compensation would be. Don’t only offer credit, the creator can’t work for that alone. Reward the time and energy with fair compensation so that the photographer can keep on doing what he and you like.

I have hundreds of quality images available for editorial or commercial licensing. Find the image you are looking for and click on the “buy image” button. A menu appears that will guide you to a custom image license that will cover all your needs. Please contact me if you did’t find what you were looking for.

Thank you for liking my photography!

- Bas