Chestnut Hill Friends Meetinghouse/James Turrell Skyspace dossier

For two years I covered the journey to build Philadelphia’s newest Quaker meetinghouse in nearly a century. Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting’s new house of worship features a James Turrell Skyspace light installation as a visual centerpiece, harking back to a long lost tradition of pairing art, architecture and religion. Greeting the Light, is Philadelphia’s first and only work by the Continue Reading →

Turrell Skyspace, pairing light and space, set to open to the public (via NewsWorks)

Making CHFM’s new meetinghouse a reality was a 10-year journey of deliberations. “Quaker consensus can raise procrastination to a high art,” Turrell joked. Continue Reading →

Pairing art with architecture — a look inside Chestnut Hill’s new Quaker meetinghouse (via NewsWorks)

Stunning is not usually a word that comes to mind when talking about Quakers but the Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting’s new meetinghouse, complete with a James Turrell Skyspace as its visual and meditative centerpiece will surely change that this fall. Continue Reading →