Fair tale of a red juicy apple

License professional editorial or commercial photography

Philadelphia, PA USAAugust 31, 2012; Photography is my livelihood – I breathe, dream and live this – sometimes though – but many times rewarding life because I choose to. I have bills to pay, equipment to invest in and mouth to feed. I run a photography business and I love it!

So, lets say you were hungry and you took a big bite out of that juicy apple. It was delicious! But someone spotted you and tells you that you have to buy it now. You put it back instead. This is wrong, right? Not only it is common courtesy, there is a law in place. Compensate for taking someones property. Of course this applies to (republished) photography as well. Copyright protects the creator of the image. If you want to use a photo you need to have permission. Ask the owner what compensation he wants for that. If you both agree then you can use that amazing image to show to your audience.

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