Scenes form the Mummers Parade [Slideshow]

Philadelphia, PA, United States, January 1, 2014: Onlookers see how an inflatable gorilla glides between the buildings in center city Philadelphia. The inflatable balloon is part of the annual Mummers Parade that takes place on the first day of the year. Traditionally held the first day of the year, the Mummers Parade draws thousands of spectators and participants to the city. During the day groups of Mummers march, dance and strut from South Philadelphia towards City Hall in center city. The participating groups, called brigades, are often decked out in lush and colorful costumes. The brigades compete in a wide variety of disciplines. The Mummers Parade is said to be the oldest folk fest held today in the U.S.A. ( This image is available for editorial licensing via: ) (Bas Slabbers /Photography)

Onlookers see how an inflatable gorilla glides between buildings.

New Years Day Mummers Parade, South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA USAJanuary 1, 2014; Many take it easy on the first day of the year. Not folks in Philly. Each year a parade of colorful characters marches from South towards City Hall. On New Years Day the Mummers dance and strut all day. When the groups arrive at City Hall they perform their routine one last time for the TV cameras. When they are finished the Mummers head over to Two Street for an after party. I have not been there yet myself but it is said that it lasts till the wee hours of morning.

Beer seems a fixture at events in and around the city. At the Marathon and the recent Single Speed Cross Country World Cup participants were treated on beer by spectators. It helped them to get up the hill easier. The air was frisky at this year’s parade and both spectators and participants shared flasks to keep warm. (Slideshow with more photos after the break…) Continue Reading →

Leading up to Phila Public Schools Closings [Photo Essay]

On June 21, 2013 a number of Public Schools in the School District of Philadelphia will close it’s doors for good. The Facilities Master Plan by the School Reform Committee advices closure for 23 local schools in its district. This photo essay shows efforts of parents, students and educators in the days, months and years leading to the final closure…

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CenterCity Building Collapse leaves 6 dead, 14 injured (PHOTOS)

Center City Philadelphia Collapse leaves 3 dead, 13 injured

Firefighters and rescue workers of the Philadelphia Fire Department and walk over the rumble that is left after a building collapsed.

Three die and more then a dozen are injured as result of a building collapse in center city Philadelphia.

Clothing and other merchandize is seen hanging on racks in the window of the Salvation Army Thrift Store on the corner of 22nd & Market St in Philadelphia.

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