Every now and then I like to grab a camera – any will do – and go out for a neighborhood photo walk and shoot what ever catches my eye. Just playing around with gear but without a specific subject. I take the opportunity to test different settings or to try different techniques. Or just to clear my mind and practice my ‘fingerspitzengefuhl’.

Image details
All shots are captured in sRGB RAW+JPEGs. Auto-as-much-as-possible. The camera internal image processor is set to a landscape color setting but with toned down contrast. In post I only adjusted auto RGB curves and auto luminance levels using Apple’s Aperture on either the SOOC JEPG’s or when needed the RAW files.

Having some struggles with your camera technique? I’ll be announcing new fingerspitzengefuhl-photo-walks in a few weeks via my Facebook Page

Getting out of your comfort zone can be beneficial to become better in what you do. At the same time I don’t think mastering gear should take place while on assignment for a client or boss. I believe they pay for what you already know, not for what you want to be. After the walk I like to go over my shots and analyze them on a big screen in the hope I have mastered a thing or two. But often results seem a bit disappointing… Continue Reading →

Winter in Philly – Fresh Stock Photos

Children are seen climbing up the snow covered hill at the Thomas Mansion in the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia. License & Download this file License & Download this file

Children are seen climbing up the snow covered hill at the Thomas Mansion in the Fairmount Park section of Philadelphia - License & Download this file

Throughout the year the greater Philadelphia region offers a bunch of very photogenic events. Highlighted in this post are  photos of some of those recent events. These images are now included in the growing collection and are now available for licensing exclusively through! The image link will lead directly to the license page.


Set I: Family fun

Production Date: January 2014
Theme: Winter, Family, Every Day Life
Type: Editorial/Royalty Free

 On a snowy day families are seen sledding down the slopes of the sledding hill at Thomas Mansion in Fairmount Park in the Northwest section of Philadelphia, PA. A January snowstorm dumped a foot of snow in the region, creating ideal sledding conditions.

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Tech – Style in Portrait Photography

“Good portraits can be made anywhere, anytime,
under any circumstances and most of all, of anyone!”

What’s the Magic?

Lets pretend that there is magic involved in making images… Nah, there is no magic-wand or pixie-dust in our toolkit, it is just you and a fancy black box with a shutter that does the work. And that being said, we will take care of the creative part to make it happen.

Learn more about what goes into getting the right look & feel in portrait photography after the break… Continue Reading →