Turrell Skyspace, pairing light and space, set to open to the public (via NewsWorks)

Artist James Turrell and architect Jim Bradberry attend the first viewing of Turrell's Skyspace installation at the new Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting House. (Bas Slabbers)

The decision by a small group of Philadelphia Quakers to incorporate a James Turrell Skyspace light installation in the design of their new meetinghouse harks back to a tradition of pairing religion with art and architecture. “Greeting the Light” is…

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Vision Thru Art class offers creative and social outlet to vision-impaired (via NewsWorks)

Click the photo to see a slideshow with 15 photos on WHYY’s NewsWorks.
caption: Volunteers help when two sections of Robert Sulkin’s art are joined together. (Bas Slabbers/for NewsWorks)

May 9, 2013 By Neema Roshania, @MtAiryChestnut Vision Thru Art meets on Wednesday mornings at Allens Lane Art Center in Mt. Airy. You can’t do anymore of the things you did. You have to learn to feel what you once saw.– Betsy Clayton, a Vision Thru Art student About a dozen students gather in the…

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Battle of Germantown reenactment [video]

Cliveden Grounds, NorthWest Philadelphia, PA USA - October 6, 2012; When it came to explaining the importance of events like the Revolutionary Germantown Festival, which was held Saturday on the Cliveden Grounds, Jack Asher drew a comparison between the printed word and actually seeing the actions described.

“It is one thing to open a history book and read about it,” said Asher, an event sponsor, “but it is different to see the action. The guns going off. The smoke. The whole nine yards.”

To that end, hundreds of historic reenactors came to the grounds of Cliveden for the annual Battle of Germantown reenactment.

( Click for photos and full story on WHYY’s NewsWorks.org )