Tech – Style in Portrait Photography

“Good portraits can be made anywhere, anytime,
under any circumstances and most of all, of anyone!”

What’s the Magic?

Lets pretend that there is magic involved in making images… Nah, there is no magic-wand or pixie-dust in our toolkit, it is just you and a fancy black box with a shutter that does the work. And that being said, we will take care of the creative part to make it happen.

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Junkyard Cyclocross [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Bilenky Cycle Works, NE Philadelphia PA, USA - December 18 2011; Annual Bilenky Junkyard cyclocross based on Belgium & South Dutch traditional folkfest that happens in the winter months along the Dutch and Belgium countryside. It is what happens at the sidelines of “veldrij” or cyclocross races that counts. (Bonus video after the break)

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